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Thank You So Much For The 3,000 Followers — Here’s Your Offer (Ebook)

The Art Of Growing Faster And Getting Crazy Engagement On Medium

Har Narayan
3 min readOct 15, 2022


First of all, thank you so much for the 3,000 followers.

If you’re my true fans (old followers) you would know that I come up with a new offer every time I hit a new milestone.

  • When I got my first 1,000 followers I wrote this post.
  • When I got my first 2,000 followers I wrote this post.
  • And now this…

Again thank you so much for the 3,000 followers.

So, what offer do I have for you?

As might you know I have a consulting service where I teach beginner writers about Medium success but it costs you $199 (previously $99).

I know I know it’s too expensive.

Let me explain:

Since my 50% audience belongs to “Tier-3 countries”. And what weird thing I observed is that those people can’t afford the consulting price.

To keep this in mind I came up with the idea of writing an ebook.

So, I’ve written an ebook for those people who can’t afford the consulting price but want to grow faster and get more engagement On Medium (The exact blueprint that I teach in my consulting)

Introducing: The Ebook →

The Art Of Growing Faster And Getting Crazy engagement On Medium

In this ebook, I’ve summarized all the elements, strategies, tactics, and tips that I personally use to get more followers and better engagement.

So, is it for free? No.

It’s not free.

My consulting price is $199. The ebook price is $29.99

I know It’s a no-brainer and if I wanted I can tag the ebook price up to $49.

But I don’t wanna do that. I want to see you grow on Medium.

But, wait…

I’ve something more for you.

You’ll get my all Notion Templates and frameworks for free.

  • Content Matrix (Notion)
  • Content Matrix lite (Notion)
  • Content Form.

I know I can charge another $30 for this Notion work. But I won’t.

That’s enough?

Let me think……

Ok, here’s one more offer.

If $30 dollars is a big amount for you, apply the “Har50” coupon code to get 50% off.


Engagement Flood

If you know how Medium works you’ll never beg for engagement.

Brand Sponsorship

It’s hard to get brand sponsorship on Medium.

But I made it.

When a small brand saw my account they sent me a private note but unfortunately, I missed that note. After 5 days they send me an email saying if I’m interested to work with them.

I tested out their product, use it for 1 week, and said to them — I’m in.

Because It’s not about their product it’s about my audience. I can’t mislead my audience. Never.

What you can learn from this?

If you’ve great credibility and authority in your niche, you’ll be noticed by some big guys. And they’ll reach out to you.

Still overthinking?

Now let me make this offer free for you.

I’ll refund all your paid money if you don’t get results with the strategies and tactics that I’ll show you inside the ebook.

No questions will be asked after reviewing.

Now it’s become a gift. You’re getting my $199 for free. (Don’t you?)

If you want to read the ebook click here (Apply “Har50” to get a 50% discount)

Thanks for reading :)



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