You Don’t Need To Rush. Period!

Here’s why!

Har Narayan
2 min readFeb 25, 2024

What happened to everyone who’d set the New Year's resolution?

Gone? All? That’s the point. It’s so easy to say “This year I’m going crush it on Medium and achieve my 10,000 followers!” But in reality, none of those false claims and expectations matter.

What matters is what you’re doing today. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Forget about your 6-month and 1-year plan. What you’ve done today? What you’re going to do tomorrow? This week?

Countless people showed rush and claimed that they were going to make this year one of the best years of their lives by writing online. No doubt they did it for a few weeks or so.

Some people even posted two times and literally five times a day spending 5–10 hours a day writing online — assuming that this is all the chance and “Shot” they’ve got to get success in writing.

Where have they all gone?

No doubt showing your persistence towards something is a good thing but just because you’re rushing and doing it mindlessly for a few weeks won’t lead you to the success you’re expecting from the thing you’re doing.

This is why there is no point rushing into something, especially in a work like online writing, where you need creative and mental energy to keep the momentum going.

But also, what most people don’t realize is that they already have won 99% of the game, if they keep making progress each day. And keep showing up each day. And keep the momentum going regardless of how they feel. And maintain consistency. And take baby steps. A little by little. No rush. No FOMO.

Sadly, they fail to realize this!

Everything changes the moment you understand that it’s all about consistently doing the work that needs to be done. No other way around.

Keep writing, but don’t rush.



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