You Don’t Need To Quit Your Job To Publish One Medium Story Per Day

How to publish once a day on Medium

Har Narayan
4 min readFeb 25, 2024

What if I told you that you can publish one Medium story per day without quitting your full-time job?

Yup. You can do it. The mistake most full-time 9–5er make is they don’t work the “Smart” way. And let’s be honest, writing and publishing one Medium story isn’t that hard.

I churn out ~30 Medium stories per month. However, it’s a completely different scenario for me. Because I don’t do any job. I don’t work anywhere. All I do is write and write. I’m a full-time writer.

Most of my time goes to writing, learning, and exploring new things. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can publish one Medium story every day (at a bare minimum) despite having a 9–5.

Here are the 3 simple steps you should be following to write and publish one Medium story per day:

1. Find Your Sweet Spot

You need to pay close attention here.

For you to write and publish one Medium story, you have to sit down and write every single day. Does that make sense? So what do you have to do?

You have to find your sweet spot. Now what do I mean by this? You need to find the best time for your writing. The time where you can write for 2–3 hours straight.

Now here things get practical:

You need to write two times a day. First for writing, and second for editing. The reason I’m saying this is because writing and editing must be done at different times.

I believe if you write, edit, and publish your stories all in one shot — all you create is crap. So do not fall into this trap.

Now let’s see some scenarios here:

So you have this 9–5, meaning you don’t really have any time for writing between 9 am to 5 pm. So either you write early in the morning, evening, or night.

Thus in these 3 options (morning, evening, and night), you must choose two. You must choose any two of those three-time slots.

  • It can be: Morning + Evening
  • It can be: Morning + Night
  • It can be: Evening + Night

Morning: If you think you can wake up early in the morning and get the writing done. Great. Go with it.

Evening: If you think you can find some time for writing in the evening. Great, go with it.

Night: Now understand. You can’t write at night. If you find time to write at night — the night would be for editing. Because you’ve to publish the story before you sleep.

So let’s say you write your story in the morning or evening and at night you edit the story and publish it. Then you go to bed.

Or if you want to skip the night part. You can get done your writing and publish the story before night. How? You write the story in the morning, you edit the story once you come back from your work — in the evening.

I can’t be more practical than this. You must use your common sense to make it happen.

2. Build Systems

Systems help you maintain consistency.

You need systems, and when I say systems, you need to build some content or ideation file on Notion or your mobile note about the topics you write.

Build an ideation file where you’ll write down the ideas that get you throughout your day. These ideas will be the topics you can write stories about.

The second system you should follow is to outline the Medium stories before you write them. Write the introduction, main points, and conclusion part.

So when you start writing you don’t have to worry about “What am I gonna write today?” Because You’ll have a pre-material that you just have to fill in.

I use 2 types of systems for my writing.

  1. Brain dumping: Whenever an idea strikes me I write it down on the Notion page. And this helps me create and write a story about that.

2. Angle Framework: This is a way where I don’t need too many ideas to write. I just change the approach every time I write a new story on the same topic. I’ve been using this framework for more than 6 months now. And it works always.

3. Master ChatGPT

ChatGPT will save you a ton of time.

Don’t take ChaGPT for granted. And if you’re not using it — start using it. This will not only help you save a ton of time writing and editing the story but also help improve your story quality.

Read this story if you want to master ChatGPT, where I talk about how you can use chatGPT for:

  • Headline Creation
  • Outlining The Content
  • Editing The Content

ChatGPT can help you write headlines for you. It can also outline the content for you. And lastly, where you’ll save a ton of time — editing.

It’ll help you correct all the grammatical and spelling mistakes. All you’ve to do is just copy the Medium story that you write, paste it into ChatGPT, and let it refine your story within a minute.

This is how you churn out 30 stories in 30 days, even more!

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