Why Do 99% Of Beginner Writers Give Up Too Early

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Writing Is not a quick-rich scheme.

It takes years of years of practice to master the craft. No one can become a great writer without playing this game in the long term. And it’s a fact that most beginner writers who start their writing journey give up after a few months of their writing.

So, why do beginner writers give up too early?

Just because of these five nonsense Mistakes. If you want to become a part of the 1% writer, Don’t make these mistakes.

Let’s start —

Mistake #1

Chase Money Instead Of Learning The Craft.

Money is the by-product of your work, if you chase money instead of learning the craft, there is a 100% chance you’ll lose the game. Almost every beginner writer makes this mistake, they write for a few months and then they start chasing money without learning the actual craft.

If writing is that easy, Why would everyone don’t become a writer?

Mistake #2

They Lose Their Consistency.

As always, consistency is the key. Consistency beats talents in the longer run. Even if you don’t know anything about writing today but if you’ll be consistent for the years, you can simply beat the 98% of writers within one or two years.

But most beginner writer breaks their consistency.

Mistake #3

They Have No Patience.

Things take time to show a significant result. You can’t expect too much in the very beginning or in a short period of time. It’s not only about writing, it applies to every aspect of our life.

But the key is if you’re consistent you can automatically develop the habit of patience.

There are no shortcuts.

Mistake #4

Short-Term Thinker Instead Of Long-Term.

Beginner writers, never think about the long term.

Why I'm saying this?

Because when I started my writing journey months ago, I was the same. Trust me, I was also thinking about the short term, wanted to make some quick money. But the reality hit me hard, as it taught me that there is no short game, only long.

Then and now my mindset changed completely.

Better is — Change yours too.

Mistake #5

Selfishness Kills Their Writing Life.

Don’t be selfish.

It’s not the game for selfish people.

Most beginners get too aggressive when it comes to show something to someone, they always think about themselves, never about others. In every aspect, skill, money, tips, and strategy, They never tell anyone what they know.

But my question is…

But, man! If you don’t show others, Why do they will?

It’s about the value game. If you give values, you’ll receive the value.

All I want to say is — Avoid these mistakes.


Let me know in the comment section what you’re struggling with writing?

This is only for you

Thanks for reading :)



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