Want To Become A Better Writer? Keep Away From These 7 Blunders

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There are two types of mistakes that happen.

1st: It helps you to get success in your progress.

2nd: It badly helps you get regress in your process.

let’s take examples to understand better —

  • Making Headline mistakes is good because at the end of the day you can master these mistakes if you practice continuously.
  • Writing common mistakes such as formatting, structuring, and styling. At the end of the day, you can correct these mistakes if you practice more and more.
  • On the other hand, making mistakes of consistency, lack of learning, and laziness will never help you to progress, they always regress you.

I hope you got my points.

So, in this post, I’m going to share with you the worse 7 blunders, that you need to avoid in order to get success in writing.

Let’s jump in —

Mistake #1: Lack Of Consistency

Writing is not a destination, It’s a journey.

You don't need to hurry, take baby steps. Writing is a consistency game, and here, those wins who play the long-term game.

It’s ok if you don’t learn anything in 3 months of writing, it’s ok too if you do not become an intermediate writer in 6 months of writing. The plus point is you’re still in the writing means you’re playing the game.

Also, it doesn't mean if you are investing time in your writing you will become a great writer. There are so many writers out there who are playing the same game. You will have to beat them in order to win the game.

But learning and improving are important.

Mistake #2: Lack Of Patience

You will automatically develop the habit of patience once you work consistently.

Things take time to change, writing is not something that you can achieve or become a better writer in just three or six months of writing, it takes time to improve. But if you’re here to make quick money, sorry don’t waste your time, It’s not for you.

It’s a long-term game, not short-term.

Mistake #3: Write Less Consume More

The more you write the better you become in writing.

Nobody becomes a great writer only by reading or consuming the content. you have to sit down in the chair and start to write. I do believe you have to consume and get ideas from others, but you can’t be a consumer, you have to be a producer in order to become a writer.

You can do a practical test here, don't write for the next six months, only consume and see the results that will happen.

I hope you understand.

Mistake #4: Not Making Connections With Others

Making connections with others is one of the best habits I’ve ever built.

I used to be like: I don’t need any friends, community, like-minded people, guys, I can do it all alone. But boy I was wrong.

You can’t do everything alone. You have to make friends for your benefit, (not selfishness) Make a healthy connection with others, help them and they will help you.

Your network is your net worth.

Mistake #5: Unwillingness To learn

Writing is a continuous learning process.

Once you stop learning. Game over.

Continuous learning makes you better and better in the craft.

Mistake #6: They Copy, Not Steal

Steal like an artist.

Think of it, if you always try to copy and never produce or create something from yourself original. Ask yourself, are you really a writer?

I don’t think so.

Bad writers copy others. Great writers steal ideas.

Don't copy, steal the ideas and make a better version of that ideas.

Mistake #7: Selfishness

A writer can’t be a selfish person.

If you’re one of them, then simply you’re not a writer.

You have to work selflessly. If you don’t give them the value, they won't engage with your content. If you don’t reveal your tips to them, they won’t. Never try to be a selfish person. Always give without expecting anything.

It’s all about the value game. The longer you play, the more chances of your winning will be.

Keep Writing.



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