The Dark Side Of Medium Writers

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I need to expose Medium “so-called” writers.

I’ve been writing on Medium since March 2022, so if we count from “March to August” it’s almost 6 months, and I would say this is a decent timeframe to know about a platform, to know the audience, and to know contributors AKA “writers” of a platform.

So, in this post, I’ll take you to the heaven of fake writers.

Everyone knows Medium is riddled with self-help and money-making (mostly clickbait) Stories. And whenever I see these types of stories I lose my work ethic.

The type of stories I don’t like:

  • How I made $xxxx doing x cheap work.
  • How this website made me $xxxxx in less period of time.
  • How to drastically change your life by day one.
  • Why is your life so miserable?
  • And all cheap self-help and money-making stories.

Now come to the writer's part. I’ve observed 3 types of “so-called” writers on Medium, here are those three types:

1. Followers Army

These types of “so-called” writers are ultra legends.

They gain followers by following others people using “mass following”. Maybe you have seen these types of writers often. Their total following tends to be 2x - 3x more than their total followers. Like this:

  • If they have 500 followers, their following will be 1,000.
  • If they have 1,000 followers, their following will be 2,200.
  • If they have 1,900 followers, their following will be 4,200.
  • If they have 4,000 followers, their following will be 8,400.


I can’t reveal their names.

So, Why Do They Do This?

Well, their sole purpose in doing this is to make more money through Medium partner program. That’s it.

Let me explain this:

If they follow other people, 80% chances are the perspective person will give her/him follow back, then there is also a chance that they will read their posts. But, you might be thinking: how do they make money with this cheap strategy? See the below sequence to understand it.

Followers →Reads→Clap and comments→More Views→ More Money.

Got it?

2. Spammer

The second type of “so-called” writers.

You also may have noticed some writers who don’t even write in your “category” but they clap and comment on your posts often. Does this happen to you? So, let me tell you why they do that. They clap and comment on your posts so that they can apply “Newton’s first law”. What’s that?

“When two bodies interact, they apply forces to one another that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction”

This means if they will clap and comment on your post, chances are you will tend to do the same for them. Right?

Why Do They Do It?

To get more views so that they can make more money.

I’ve seen so many writers spend hours and hours commenting on others people’s posts rather than publishing content. They spam because they want to get views so that they can make more money through Medium partner program.

This is absurd.

3. Cheap Stories

The third type of “so-called” writers.

These are the writers who pretend to themselves as “self-help gurus and “money machines”. These people write about the things that they have never done in life. Ever. I’ve divided this into two another part:

Self-Help Stories:

Let me call this “lazy story”.

Some people claim that they are “self-help” gurus. They often produce self-improvement and personal development stories, even if they are not interested in writing them. They write these types of articles because they know this type of story works really well on Medium. More views, more money.

Fake Money Stories:

How “I made $xxx doing nothing” stories.

This type of person writes these types of stories because it grabs people's attention. Even if you don’t want to click on the stories, you read. But, they also do clickbaits to get more views so that they can make more money.

That’s all about them.

And Lastly, Let Me Ask You:

  • Following 2x - 3x people of the total followers. Is this absurd or not?
  • Commenting on other people’s posts even if you don’t like the post. How much sense does this make?
  • Writing about self-help stories even if you’re not interested in them. Is that ridiculous or not?
  • Writing about the things that you haven't even accomplished. Is that not a sign of idiotic?

Final Touch

I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m showing you the reality.

Also, I’m not blaming all writers. Since there are so many good writers out there, I know some of them personally, and they are good friends of mine. But most writers who have joined the Medium partner program do the same because their sole purpose in doing this is to make more money.

Instead, Be real. Show your work.

Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Let me show you my work here

Thanks for reading :)



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