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Har Narayan
5 min readMar 23, 2022

The podcast is the single most powerful content to inspire millions

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Where radio’s gone? Things have been changed rapidly as we have seen. Nobody is interested in listening to the radio right now, radio has changed to a podcast.

Statistics show that more than 14M+ people in the USA listen to podcasts every single month, and the number is increasing every single day.

Top entrepreneurs are starting their own podcasts to grow their businesses.

Because they know the potential of podcasts, in the 2020s, the podcast grew rapidly as we saw. With the help of the internet, every content that we consume has become a lot more easier than ever had. There is no barrier to access to the content which is available on the internet.

What is podcast

A podcast is the form of audio content that is easier to listen, even you can download that podcast.

In ancient times, we listened to the radio, or our parents listened to it, but the technologies replaced it and made it easier for us. What happens in radio that we access only if we have electricity without electricity we cannot access radio but in the can of a podcast we access it without electricity, all you have a phone with an internet connection and you good to go.

How to start a podcast in 2022

It’s easy to start a podcast. There is no need for a big investment to start your own podcast. All you have is a phone with an internet connection and decent mice to record your voice and publish it to platforms like Spotify, audible, Kuku FM.

In fact, everyone sifting their content consuming methods, who reads blog they no longer read it, instead of reading blogs they simply open podcasts apps and listen to their favorite podcast. And it’s a great opportunity in the future also, it’s a great time to start a podcast.

How to make money with Podcasts

Well, it’s not that difficult to monetize your content and your audience. There are lots of ways to monetize your podcast, I’m going to show you some popular ways to monetize your podcast.

  1. Adsense — This is one of the popular ways is to monetize your podcasts, when you create content, once your content will be eligible for ads, the money comes into your pocket. Of course, it will take time to run ads. In the beginning, you will have no audience, once you get popularity, your shows will boost up, and ads will show.
  2. Paid partnership — This is the second-best way to monetize your podcast, you can collab with brands and promote their offers in your podcast, and you can charge money for that.

Of course, a podcast has lots of restrictions to monetize your content. Like you can’t do affiliate marketing with it. Or you can’t put any links because the podcast is audio content, and your audience will not notice your links while listening.

Should you start a podcast in 2022

As I said earlier, you should definitely start your podcasts journey to grow your business to reach out to more people to scale your business to spread your voice to as many people as you can. And it is the best time to start a podcast.

But one thing I’ll suggest to you is that yes, it’s hard to get the audience in podcast marketing if you have never built your audience on other platforms like youtube channels or your blog or your social media apps such as Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

If you’re just started out, don’t go with the direct podcast it can be difficult for you, first you should build your audience on any platform, whether it’s youtube or Instagram or your own personal blog, or your LinkedIn followers.

You must have any of these audiences and then convert those audiences to your podcasts listener, tell them to listen to your podcast, and they will definitely do that.

pros and cons of podcast marketing

Of course, there are lots of pros and cons of podcast marketing as other platforms have, let me show some of them -

pros -

  1. no restrictions, easy to starts
  2. monetization available
  3. get real audience

Cons -

  1. hard to get audiences
  2. not for beginners
  3. time-consuming


Now you got some insights about podcast marketing. I discussed every aspect as I could. Now you may be get confused that I mentioned that this is not for beginners, and if you just started out to build your brand, don’t go with podcasts and things like that, yeah this is true and it can be hard to get results for your if you just started out as a newbie.

I said that because I experienced these things, podcasting is harder than building an audience on youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can easily build your audience on youtube and Instagram within a year. All you have to do is put in daily efforts and consistency, and you will definitely get results, I’m not saying that podcast is not for you or you don’t get the result. But, of course, you will get but probably is you will be demotivated.

On the other hand, on a platform like youtube, you can easily get attractions from people, That’s why I’m telling you that if you are a beginner, start with youtube or social media platform and sift those your audience to your podcast listener it’s will easy for you.

And last but not the least, once you build your reputation on one platform, start your podcast right now.

This is all for beginners, but if you are in this field for a while or if you have some reputation with your audience, then just start your podcast marketing as soon as possible there is no best to start, this is the best time. So don’t let your dream be dreams, don’t wait for the perfect time, or don’t think about what people will say just start today.

My best wishes to you.

Good luck.



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