My 4-Year Relationship With Failure And Success (Story Time)

Har Narayan
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Let’s face it: there is no overnight success.

But it’s ok to fail many times.

When you fail, it doesn’t mean you DON’T win.

You win — you learn.

When you fail, you learn new things, you gain experience.

It’s a win-win situation.

That said,

If someone gets success without failing — it clearly indicates they’ll lose it soon.

Every successful people you know on the planet are one who has failed many times before they got success.

Their consistent effort and right mindset helped them achieve success.

This concept applies same for me.

I’m not alone — I’m not a random guy who came to digital Writing and after a few months of writing — got success in it. Nope. It doesn’t work that way.

It took me 4 years to find my passion and the stuff I wanted to do for my whole life.

Here’s my relationship with failure and success about money and passion:

The year 2019

This is the year when I was first introduced to the “online money-making scheme”

I was in 1st year of my college.

I was looking to make money online while doing my college — you know, every single college student problem: you don’t get enough pocket money to spend, at least for Indians.

This was the only reason. So I wanted to make money while doing college.

21 Jan 2019, when one of my college friends showed me an Indian game in which people can make money playing games.

It sounded fascinating, so I downloaded the game.

Want to know the app’s name?

I’ve talked about that game a lot on Twitter.

It was “MPL” — Mobile Premier League — an Indian online gaming app.

I played that game and made more money than an Indian school teacher made from one year of their salary.

But I knew I’d not going to do it for my whole life. However, It was good — making money playing games.

But I wanted something else.

The year 2020

March 2020, the time when Covid-19 hit.

Everyone got locked down at their home — the same happened to me.

I came back home from college, living with my parents, and it felt like my life stopped moving.

I was not playing the game simply because it wasn’t interesting anymore.

So I had nothing to do.

In the meantime, everything started happening online. My classes started being held online.

Truth be told: I wasn’t interested in those boring online classes too.

But I had one thing — The Money I had made from MPL. So what did I do?

I rent my money to someone to make more money because the concept was fascinating.

You can say it’s an offline mutual fund.

I gave my money to someone to make more money — so the concept is he’d pay me interest over my money.

Did that for a few months — made some more money.

The year 2021

This is the year when Covid-19 started exploding.

I thought everything would be back to normal.

But that didn’t happen — covid started exploding more and more.

So for me, now it was time to make some serious decisions and explore new things online.

So to explore the internet, I needed a laptop so I could do the work effectively, but I had no laptop.

So I took the decision to buy a decent laptop with my own money (I said “decent”)

Now here things get interesting (things I tried):

1. Blogging

Now, in mid-2021 I started exploring the internet and I got to know that there is a term called blogging.

Blogging is a technique where you create a website and you write articles on it, and once your website gets monetized, you make money.

The concept was simple.

So I bought a domain and hosting and created a fresh website.

But the thing was — I had no skill to share. So all I did was — review online software tools.

I got little traction but — it was completely a failure.

I wrote for 4 months — and nothing happened.

I made zero dollars.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Now, at this moment I’m done with blogging.

At that time one of my college friends was also doing some sort of online work.

I talked to him, and he introduced me to affiliate marketing, he also instructed me that how hard it is to get paid as a blogger — he knew that because he tried blogging in 2019. lol.

So we both started doing affiliate marketing.

Now, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote other people’s products and you get a commission when someone buys from your unique link.

Seems pretty good?

Maybe you’ve heard about Clickbank.

So all I did was started spamming those Clickbank links everywhere.

  • I started sharing links on Pinterest.
  • I started sharing links on the Facebook group.
  • I started sharing links on all the other social sites.

It was completely spamming.

It wasn’t good.

I wasn’t interested in that.

I wasn’t enjoying the process.

But all I was doing to find a way to make money online.

However, I’ve tried affiliate marketing in many ways.

I also ran paid ads to do affiliate marketing.

I wasted thousands of dollars on affiliate marketing — but it was completely a failure.

Hardly I’ve made $100 from affiliate marketing.

3. Instagram Theme page

After a little success, I started doing another thing.

It was an Instagram theme page business.

I created an Instagram page and started creating content on it.

My plan was to monetize the page through affiliate marketing, paid promotions, and sponsorship.

And ultimately sell the page after 6 months or so.

But do you the know interesting part? I wasn’t consistent.

I hardly did that for 2 months and quit — because it wasn’t good.


4. Crypto Currency

It was not a money problem — I was looking for something that I can enjoy doing and also make money.

At this point, I’ve done a few things.

So in 2021, the last thing I did was to go into the crypto space.

The rumor was so hyped — bitcoin is going to the moon, to the moon — that was the sound I heard everywhere.

So I as a dumb person started trading and investing in cryptocurrency.

I was doing good in crypto, and I had made some profit but one day…

Long story short — I lost $853 in 3 mins because of my one stupid mistake.

My all hard-earned money was gone. For forever.​

Shut down.

The year 2022

This was one of the best years of my life.

So I lost all my money in crypto — at least my profit money.

Now it was time to do things seriously — to learn something valuable.

All those things:

  • Trading
  • Sharing links
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Theme page making

Aren’t valuable skills.

However, I respect that you need to devote yourself for months to learning them.

But I had nothing. I had no skill.

So all I thought about was learning a valuable skill.

So this guy who introduced me to affiliate marketing earlier was also doing graphic designing.

So I talked to him and share what I wanted to do.

He supported my idea and appreciated the thing I was about to do.

Now, I’m ready to take a move.

Digital Writing

08 Feb 2022, the day when I first hit an answer on Quora.

Now I was in the digital writing game.

All I wanted to do is to learn this digital writing skill. I didn’t think about monetization at the beginning.

Because I knew if I would learn the skill I’d definitely be able to make money from it — the same happened.

So I started writing and answering questions on Quora.

Simultaneously I started seeing other digital writers and learning from them.

Wrote 1 month on Quora and realized it wasn’t the platform for digital writers.

I needed something else.

So I moved to Medium in March 2022.

This was one of the best decisions I made.

I’ve written 150+ articles here on Medium.

Helped thousands of digital writers how to write on Medium and grow on Medium.

And this opportunity allowed me to make my first dollar writing online.

I was loving it and making money from it, so I kept going.

And this writing online made me my first $1000 online.

In Sep 2022, I started writing on Twitter.

So far It’s been 6 months since I’ve been actively writing on Twitter.

That’s my whole story, it’s been a wild journey.

I hope you enjoy it.

Never Settle.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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See you on the other side.



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