Medium Vs LinkedIn Vs Twitter: Which One Is The Best Writing Platform?

Don’t get me wrong

Har Narayan
5 min readSep 19, 2022

Howdy guys…

It’s been 6 days since I didn’t publish anything on Medium. What I am up to? Well, you know how Medium treats us, they think we all are their servants. Really you? Medium wants us to waste our precious time spending on shit posts (meaningless self-help and fake make-money posts) Which a digital writer never wants to do. Are you with me?

Let’s face it.

Medium is not as it used to be. Trust me. Things have been changed, you can’t get the views you deserve until or unless you’re not engaging with other writers for hours (min 3 to 5 hours).

You know better what’s going on on Medium.

Only publishing content on Medium is not helpful. You’re not going anywhere if do not engage with other writers. And this is the only reason top creators of Medium are leaving the platform one by one. Because they don’t have the time to engage with others. Tim Denning, a writer with over 289k followers hardly gets 1,000 claps on his posts.

I can’t solely depend on Medium, and you shouldn’t too.

Thus, I just started creating content on LinkedIn and Twitter, so that I can test out if those platform works for me or not. I’ve some stats and observations about the platforms. So, let’s compare these three platforms and understand what their ins and outs are.

I’ll show the scenarios of each platform by these three elements:

  • Analytics
  • Growth
  • Monetization

Let’s start with Analytics…


I’ve been writing on:

  • Medium for 6 months.
  • LinkedIn for one week.
  • Twitter for one week.

Here are the results:


I can’t thank you enough to Medium.

When I engage with other writers my views goes up to 1,000 per day, and when I don’t engage with others my views goes up to less than 100 per day.

God knows why…

Here is the stats:

This month I’m hardly interacting with other people's posts. The result? See this:

But when you engage with other writers here is what happens (August month):

On average I was getting 500 views per day, which is great for any writer.


Let’s talk about my LinkedIn stats.

I started publishing content on LinkedIn on the 13th Sep and my results look like this. (Keep in mind LinkedIn never forces me to engage with other writers, unlike Medium does.)

An average of 1k per day views (impression) in 365 days.

See this:

Only publishing for 7 days I’ve 6,500+ views with an average of 1,000 views per day.

Even I’ve only 313 followers on LinkedIn.

But followers don't matter, content does.


Let’s talk about the GIANT.

Most people don’t like using Twitter. But you don’t know that Twitter is the go-to platform for any digital writer. If you want to build a business around writing you can’t miss Twitter.

Let me show you my stats:

Wait, wait, it can blow your mind because the impression and traction I’m getting on Twitter are astonishing.

This is the 28 days summary, but 99% of results came from the writing of 7 days.

An average of 2,000 views per day on Twitter.

Have a look:

Even I’ve only 110 followers on Twitter.


I know I know what are you thinking.

Let me clear your doubts: Twitter and LinkedIn are the GIANT platforms. So there are higher chances of growing. Medium, on the other hand, has less audience so it’s a bit difficult to grow on Medium.

But still, if you work strategically on Medium you can easily stand out.


Growing On:

Medium → Much harder.

LinkedIn → Moderates.

Twitter → Easy.


We all work for money.

I’m writing on Medium because I want to make money.

I’m writing on LinkedIn because I want to make money.

I’m writing on Twitter because I want to make money.

Your goal is to make money from your writing.

And there is nothing wrong with it.

But the thing that does matter is: Are you enjoying the process of whatever you’re doing? Because If you’re not enjoying the process then it won’t matter whether you’re making $100 per month or $1M per month, you’ll always be unhappy.

Mark my words.

Let’s come to the main point.

Medium allows you to join the Medium partner program (if your country is eligible), which means Medium has direct monetization for limited people. ( I said limited)

LinkedIn and Twitter, on the other hand, have no such option, which means you’ll have to build your own income streams. But that’s ok because you’ve to build your writing business one day, so why one day? Why not today?

The sooner the better.

Final Touch

I’m not saying Medium is not good. It is good.

But think about it, whether you’re writing on Medium, LinkedIn, or Twitter you’re basically spending your precious time. So, why you do not try writing on the better platforms that have more potential? You should.

This is the only reason I stopped publishing content every day on Medium.

So, If you want to write on LinkedIn and Twitter or both. You can send me a dm or follow me there, I’ll be with you throughout your writing journey❤️.

Waiting for you on Twitter

Thanks for reading :)



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