Medium Partner Program Vs Online Writing Business (Mindset Shift)


Your ultimate goal of writing online is to generate money. Isn’t it?

We can debate on this topic for a whole day. You know, I know, even everyone knows that Medium partner program is not available in almost 78% of countries since there is a conspiracy theory running behind it. But, As a writer, everyone wants to join the program. Don’t you?

However, Medium partner program is not only the solution to make money through writing. You can build businesses around your writing. But it’s not easy as you think, also, it’s not hard as you think.

If you ask me: Har, what do you prefer Medium partner program or the writing business? My answer would be — writing business.

That being said,

Now, let’s discuss both income streams one by one:

1. Medium Partner Program


  • Time freedom.
  • It's one of the easiest ways to make money on the platform.
  • You don’t need to convince or sell someone.
  • Less headache.


  • You’ll need eligibility criteria to join the program.
  • You’ll make less money than you expect.
  • You’ll have to write more to make more money ( 1x to 3x per day)
  • Your content gets metered when you join the MPP.
  • You’ll get fewer views and reads on your content.

Online Writing Business


  • Semi-passive income.
  • This stream has more potential than the Medium partner program.
  • You can get 69 million eyeballs because your content doesn’t get metered.
  • Your chances of growing on Medium will be high.


  • It’s a hard way to make money.
  • You will need true fans in order to make money.
  • You’ll have to sell or convince someone to make money.
  • You’ll need to learn other skills like copywriting, marketing, etc.

So, these are the scenarios with both income streams.

What do you prefer? Drop in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!



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