Medium Is Getting Harder But Still You Can Get 50,000+ Views On Your Content (Here’s How)

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Har Narayan
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Should you waste your time writing on Medium?

You should. Writing on Medium is fun. Ok. I do believe Medium is not as it used to be, but it doesn't mean that everything is collapsing. Even today there are so many opportunities that can be made writing on Medium.

If I was starting my online writing journey from the stretch I would write on Medium, because there are so many things that take Medium to the next level and makes it a unique platform than the thousands of others out there.

Here are some of them:

  • Long blog post — You can write 10,000 words articles on Medium, which helps you to improve your wring style. The results? the more you write the more your writing gets better.
  • No submission process — Platforms like Vocal Media and Newsbreak don't allow you to do direct publishing, but that’s not the case with Medium, which makes it so beautiful platform. You’ll be an independent writer.
  • Zero competition — Yup. There is no competition on Medium. If you work strategically you can stand out easily.
  • Free to write — What makes it even more better? It’s free of cost. In order to writing on Medium you don’t need any investment.
  • Fast growth — Growing on other writing platforms can be changing, but in my experience, that’s not the case with Medium. You can easily grow here in a very short period of time.
  • Earn money — You can make money writing on Medium. Listen, it’s ok if you’re not eligible for the Medium partner program, besides that you can make money through other income streams like ebooks, affiliate marketing, etc.

That being said.

Now let’s talk about the topic on how you can accumulate tens of thousands of views on your content — No bullshit.

Let’s start:

Category Innovation

Don’t write about 10 different topics. (big mistake)

Want to grow on Medium? Select your one core niche and write on that niche every single day. 99% of Medium writer writes on different topics and when they publish something new, they get 37 views (example) and says Medium sucks.

You stupid Medium doesn't suck, your writing strategy sucks.

Here’s the thing: when you write about different topics you gather different types of audiences, so there is a high chance that they won’t interact with your every content. This causes you low engagement, thus slow growth.

I call this audience differentiation.

On the other hand, if you write about one topic thus you get the targeted followers on your niche, and whenever you post something new they engage with your content, they clap, comment, share, and this is how you grow.

Here is how it works:

Author screenshot

Headline Mastery

Headlines can make or break your content.

The thing is: no one is reading your content if your headline isn’t good, it doesn't matter how valuable and informative your post is. A reader only clicks the headline if they found it clear, beneficial, and unique.

But crafting great headlines is a skill, you can learn it along the way in your writing journey. It’s a process.

Every headline you create must have these 3 things:

  • Who is for
  • What is about
  • And what’s the benefit


Author screenshot

Engage Like A Boss

Without this, you’ll never grow.

Let me say this straight to you: engage as much as you can. Because if do not engage with other writers, you can’t grow, no matter how many times you publish per day. Medium has changed its algorithm completely, it’s not as it used to be.

So, find like-minded people in your category and engage with them on a daily basis.

Publish Often

Want to increase your growth ratio?

Medium wants quantity. If you publish 1x per week you're not going anywhere. In order to grow faster, you’ll have to spin the wheel more and more.

I would recommend you publish 1x per day or 5 times per week. Not less than that.

Have Fun

Writing is a fun game.

If you take it seriously every time, you can’t win the game. Instead, enjoy the process, love the game and have fun.

It must be followed.

Proof: My Results And Accomplishments

How can I say these all to you?

Well, I can’t say this all without having the proof. Right? But I do have the proof. Here they are:

Overall stats

Author screenshot

Engagement flood

Author screenshot

Top writer in writing

Author screenshot

Brand deal

Author screenshot

All because of my strategies.

Final Touch

I can’t stress this enough.

Also, keep in mind never look for shortcuts, hacks, or tricks because there are no such things. All you have to do is work strategically and smartly.

I hope this helps.

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