I Got 100,000+ Impressions Writing On Twitter In Just 2 Weeks


I’m no longer writing on LinkedIn.

I believe in the “hyper-focus” principle. And, this is the only reason I grew my Medium following pretty fast. Because When I was publishing daily content on Medium, I was only obsessed with Medium those days. I wasn't writing on LinkedIn, wasn't writing on Twitter.

But two weeks ago I took a decision to stop daily publishing on Medium and start writing on Twitter.

Now, you might be asking: Har! Why did you choose Twitter why not LinkedIn?

Ans: Trust me, there are so many reasons why I chose Twitter. (I’m not promoting the platform here) But yeah, Twitter is far better than LinkedIn.

Now, let’s come to the business. Let’s talk about the 100k+ Impression.

There are more than 300M+ users on Twitter. So if you work strategically the chances of growth on Twitter are pretty high.

It’s been only 2 weeks since I'm actively writing on Twitter and see the results:

Author ss
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Bottom Line

Dear digital writer.

There is much potential on Twitter for a digital writer like me and you. I know I know people think Twitter is not for writers, it’s a political platform or a controversial platform. But to be honest, that’s not true anymore.

Top writers on the internet are using Twitter to generate money.

I highly encourage you to create a Twitter account and start writing. After that, you can send me a dm or follow me there and I’ll guide you about Twitter writing.

Let’s connect on Twitter

Thanks for reading :)



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