I Crossed 50,000 Views On Medium (No Publications + No Curations)

This is huge

Har Narayan
2 min readAug 4, 2022


Picture from Freepik (I loved this website)

Getting enough views on Medium is a pain in the ass nowadays.

I just crossed 50,000+ views on Medium. The number is too big, and it really impossible to achieve this milestone without publishing content in publications or without curations.

FYI, I never published a single piece of content in publications, also my stories never got curated.

I’m not a viral guy.

To be honest, I don’t believe in virality, since it never sustains, I do believe in stability, and I’m ok with my per day of 500 to 1,000 views.

That being said.

Now, let me show you the Stats —

Author Screenshot
  • Total articles— 110.
  • Total views — 50,800+ (posts +comments)
  • Total claps (Massive) — 80,000+
  • Read ratio — 43.24%.
  • Average fan claps — 15.72

Keep in mind, I’ve achieved this milestone without publications and curation.

Final Touch

Let me give you the lessons here.

The writer who says: You need to publish content in the publications in order to get more views.

I want to say them: shut the f*ck off.

The writer who says: You need medium curations in order to get more views.

Also, I want to say them: Shut the f*ck off.

None of these things matter.

I hope you’ve learned something new from this post.

Thanks for reading :)

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