How To Write 10,000 Words Per Day Without Getting Exhausted

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Note: Many people taking the wrong takeaway from this story. I didn’t say you SHOULD write 10,000 words every single day. What I said was you CAN write 10,000 with these small tips. It’s not mandatory.

You’re not a writer if you don’t write per day.

It doesn’t matter whether you write 10 or 1,000 words, but you should write every single day.

The point is — A writer writes every single day.

That said,

So this Monday I was writing a sales page.

And what I noticed — I’ve written 1800+ words in 90 mins.

Well, that’s not a BIG thing.

Because some writers write 4,000 words in 90 mins.

However, this isn’t the point, whether I wrote 1804 words or 4,000 in 90 minutes.

The point is something else.

The point probably you don’t understand.

I bet you.

So today, I want to walk you through the methodology and science behind writing words.

This will help you write…

“As many words as you want, per day, every day.”

But first, lemme ask you something…

What do most digital writers think when it comes to writing words?

“If I write more I’ll run out of ideas and at some point, I won’t have words to write.


Thus they don’t try to write in long sessions.

They usually write less than 500 words per day.

The reality.

Here’s living proof:

Once I did a poll on Twitter…

The poll was — How many words do you write per day?

Interestingly, most people say they write 1 to 100 words per day.

Come back to my claim of “1800+ words in 90 mins.

It was the sales page that I wrote.

However, I can’t show you the sales page but I CAN show you the word count I’ve written.

Here you go…

Although, I generally don’t write 2,000 words per day.

But if you want me to write 10,000 words per day I can do it for you.

Want to take a bet?

Why am I so confident?

Here’s the reason…

The more you write, the more you write

You think if you write more, you run out of words.


You get more words when you write more.

You get more and more ideas when you write more.

As they say: you don’t gain new knowledge, you have knowledge inside of you.

You just need to feed them.

So what’s the game here?

When you write, you write more because your brain continuously starts working for you.

It wakes you up when you force it to think about something.

Cmon, your brain is lazy, it doesn’t want to work for you.

But you need to force it to do the work for you, especially when you’re working.

But to make it happen you need some sort of techniques and methodology.

It doesn’t happen ACCIDENTALLY.

You need to write in a way that works.

So what’s the way?

Listen closely, I’ll give the exact method I use to write that helps me write “as many words as I want” every day.

And it’s a proven method, not some bullshit you find on the internet.

Are you ready?

Let’s go…

Here are the 3 things that you need to make it happen, only three:

  1. Skeleton
  2. Timer
  3. Water

You just need these 3 things before you start writing your page.

Let’s discuss all of them one by one:

1. Skeleton

Now, what do I mean by a skeleton?

The skeleton is nothing but outlining your content.

I’ve talked about it so many times on Medium.

So what do you need to do?

Research about the topic you want to write. (however research part is optional — especially for me)

Now you come to your page and…

  • You write the headline
  • You write the introduction (who is it for, what is it about, and what’s the benefit?
  • You write the main points (Write all the big ideas you know about your topic)
  • You write the conclusion (what call to action you wanna give to your reader?)

Don’t describe them fully, only outline and point out what you’re gonna say.

You must do this.

This is the way to write.

I know, most writers don’t do it, and they go: I face writer’s block.

You dumb.

You should face.

Because you don’t write in the way that you SHOULD.

But, if you do this practice and build a habit of doing it, then it not only helps you protest writer’s block but makes your writing easier.

2. Timer

Now, what do I mean by timer?

The timer is a technique in which you set a specific amount of time to write.

20 mins, 45 mins, 60 minutes, whatever.

You set a timer and you start writing.

You hit the timer bar.

Now, you take a rest for certain mins.

3 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins.

Doesn’t matter.


This is how it works.

Maybe you’ve heard about the Pomodoro Technique.

It’s the same thing.

But in Pomodoro, you set a timer for 25 minutes and you take 5 mins to break.

Both work fine.

You must be doing it to write “I want to write X amount of words today” — The goal.

3. Water

Now, this is for your brain and body.

Stay hydrated.


You should drink more water to make your body and brain MONSTER.

This is the first essential your body and brain need.

Let alone, food, rest, and sleep.

Water is primary.

Rest is secondary.

When you drink more water, your brain cells communicate effectively and it clears the toxins.

As a result, it improves your performance and helps you make better decisions, faster.

Drink more water.

I can’t stretch it enough.

These are the 3 things you need to write “as many words as you want.”

Remember — the more you write the more you write.

Bold promise: with the help of this strategy, you’ll be able to write 10,000 words per day.

Try it.

I did the same thing as I said above to complete this post.

As I said — it works always.

I hope it helps.

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