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How To Make Your First $1 Online As A Digital Writer (Step By Step Guide)

Once you make your first $1 online your money mindset will be changed forever

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What’s stopping you to make your first $1 on the internet?

Writing online is not hard as you think, making money through writing is HARD. It’s not only about you, even my fellow writers, friends, and colleagues, who are writing on the medium for such a long period of time but haven’t made anything out of it. Although they have more than decent followers (up to 2,000). But they still haven’t earned anything.

If this sounds familiar to you, stick till the end, and make sure you’re taking action after reading this post.

Here are the 5 steps to make your first $1 online:

Step #1: Killer Profile

Before writing anything, your profile should be optimized.

You’re a brand of yourself, so show the world. Writers who put animal pictures or cartoons in their profile, I don’t consider them as a writer.

Do this:

  • Logo — Your headshot picture.
  • Bio — Write: Who are you, what do you do, and what you can do for them.
  • Banner post — Add something meaningful there.
  • About page — Jot down your all nitty gritty stuff.

Now think about it: why would someone follow you?

This is why making a brand profile is so important.

Step #2: Write Like A King

Your content is the vehicle for you.

The better your vehicle will be, the nicely you’ll drive on the trip. Conversely, if your vehicle won’t be good, you’ll stuck in the mid of the trip. The same thing applies in writing. Create valuable, informative, and unheard non-obvious content so that people can find value in your content. Build trust.

Let me give you a hack: Only writing and publishing content is not enough on Medium, you’ll have to engage with other writers every day.

Step #3: Accomplish A Milestone

Accumulate Your First 500 or 1,000 followers.

Writing is not a quick rich scheme, you’ve to play the long game. So get your first 500 or 1,000 followers. I know it can take you up to 3 - 6 months. In my case, I reached to 1,000 followers in less than 3 months (75-ish days). But I would suggest you achieve the milestone as soon as possible because the sooner you achieve it, the shorter you can make the money.

Achieving a certain milestone is very crucial for attracting any sort of money.

Step#4: Sell Yourself

Sell yourself without selling your soul.

Once you reach the goal of 500/1000 followers, celebrate it by launching ebooks, try pitching clients, Consulting, or selling your stuff. In my case it was Consulting. When I first reached 1000 followers I got a client for consulting and she paid me $20. That’s cool, Nah?

And at the same time I launched an ebook called “Category Innovation

The point is: If you have a certain amount of followers it doesn't matter whether it’s 500 or 1,000. You have earned the f*cking credibility, and when you have the credibility, you can teach that credibility to other people who are one step below you. That’s the cool part.

You don’t need to be an expert to teach someone. Change your mindset.

However, if you’re not comfortable or not prepared for consulting or other complicated things then the ebook is the way to go. Create your ebook and sell it on Gumroad for $1 to $5 or “Pay what you feel” model. Surprisingly, you’ll only need 5 to 10 true fans of those 500/1,000 followers who can buy anything from you. You don’t need 100, or 500 people to make your first $1.

So, in the form of ebooks you can write or create about these things:

  • Ultimate guide.
  • Writing framework.
  • Notion templates.
  • Checklist.
  • Specific problem.
  • Etc.

Step #5: Cash It, All Of It

If you work strategically on the above steps, no one can stop you to make your first $1 online.

Then $10, then $100, then $1,000….. It’s a compounding process. I can claim all the things because, without Medium partner program, I’ve generated over $600+ through writing using the same framework.

Most people don’t make money because they never take action.

If you’re an action taker, I love you.

Thanks for reading :)



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