How To Grow And Make Money On Medium In 2024

Can you trust me? Let’s find out!

Har Narayan
13 min readOct 16, 2023
After all, it’s all about you, not me. Right?

To be honest, I’ll sell you something in this story, so if you don’t wanna be sold, please don’t read it. Precisely, I’m going to make you an offer for a few bucks that’ll help you get the desired result you want. And I’ll try to make it so irresistible that you’d be a darned fool not to do it.

80 Times!

Up to this point, I’ve written 250 Medium stories, and 80 have gone viral (semi + mega viral). The average hit rate for Medium writers is around 5–15%. But do you know how much mine is? 32%!

Hard to believe, right?

Let’s not just take my word for it. See what this Medium writer says:

He didn’t stop there. Continue…

And guess what?

He’s a complete beginner on Medium. To get the results, all he did was just follow the advice I shared. So if he can make it work, there’s no reason why you can’t too. Makes sense?

One more example. See what Michael says:

Do you see?

So, pay close attention and buckle up! Because…

You’re about to learn the exact strategy I used to grow my Medium account from 0 to 6,000 followers without publishing a single story in publications.

What did you learn? You can grow on Medium without publishing your stories in publications.

What’s more, I didn’t just get 6,000 followers but also managed to make over $2,000 on Medium without joining the Medium Partner Program.

What did you learn? You can make money writing on Medium without joining the Medium Partner Program.

Hold on!

Can I guess your mind? You may now be wondering and asking:

“How the heck did this guy do all this? 32% hit rate? 6,000 followers without publications? $2,000 without joining the Medium Partner Program? Are you kidding me?!”

I get it. These results are hard to believe. Because:

  • First: Most writers rely on publications to grow on Medium.
  • Second: Most writers rely on the Partner Program to make money on Medium.

But guess what? I don’t do any of them to grow and make money on Medium — and still manage to get better results.

Also, I don’t do any client work. I’m not a freelancer or anything. I made all that money just from my own income streams.

But to get these types of results, you should first understand something important. So important. What are those things? Here you go!

You Need To Understand These Five Fundamental Concepts To Grow And Make Money On Medium:

  • The psychology of the reader’s thinking.
  • The mechanism of Medium’s algorithm.
  • The mechanism of flopped and viral story.
  • The psychology of writing great Medium stories.
  • The art and business of monetizing your Medium work.

Most writers miss the fundamentals and wonder why they’re not growing and making any progress on Medium.

Are you one of them? If yes, you shouldn’t be.

Not to mention, the tactics and strategies that used to work in 2023 — don’t work anymore. Things have changed a lot on Medium. You need new, proven strategies and tactics to grow and make money on Medium.

That being said. Now this is personally for you:

Do Any Of These Sound Relatable To You?…

  • Are you confused and don’t know what to write about?
  • Are you stuck and still don’t know what your niche is?
  • Do you feel like your stories aren’t getting enough views?
  • Do you feel like you still don’t know how to create “killer headlines?”
  • Do you struggle to publish Medium stories daily or weekly?
  • Do you often get trapped by writer’s block and get nothing done?
  • Do you struggle to monetize your Medium audience and writing?
  • And lastly, you have tried everything but nothing is working for you?

But you want to grow and make money on Medium, right?

So let me ask you…

Did you resonate with any of them? If so, don’t worry I’m about to solve all the problems you have. What’s more…

I’ll not only solve the problems you have but also show you how you can grow and make money on Medium by doing everything differently— just like I and previous students did. (coming soon!)


  • Commenting 100+ times a day.
  • Following thousands of accounts.
  • Publishing your stories in publications.
  • Joining the Medium Partner Program.
  • Having prior writing experience or knowledge.

Sounds good?

Now let me guess your mind again…

This question might be bugging you right now: “Why should I trust and listen to you?” Good question, my friend.

I’ve been writing on Medium since 2022. So it’s been more than a year now. Sorry, let me shut up and let my work prove my competence. Here you go!

My viral Medium stories with claps and comments🤗🔥:

Claps, not views. And the responses/comments?🤯

As Medium says: High read ratio = more $$

It’s just the 16 October and already have got 600 followers along with 51 unread notifications lol. Crazy!!

I think that’s enough to prove my competence. (Send me an email if you want more.)

I got all these results because I took the time to understand the Medium Writing Game.

And if I can get these results with a “Niche Account,” Imagine how far you’ll go if your niche is self-improvement, personal development, or life. Because these topics work way better than the topics I write about.


Now you may think: “Okay, it worked for you, what’s the guarantee that your “tactics & strategies” will also work for me?” Great question.

Yup. You’re right, anyone can brag about the results they’ve gotten for themselves. But it’s hard to bring the same results for other people.

So it doesn’t matter what I’ve done for myself. What does matter is, have I gotten the same results for others?

And the answer is: Yes, I did.

It works for anyone as long as they do the work I tell them to do.

“I believe, your work becomes proven when you bring the same results for other people.”

And this is exactly what I’m gonna show you here. So here you go…

1. Lorna Dolan — 1,400 followers



2. Ionutz Kazaku — 3,100 followers



3. Oscar Soto — 2,100 followers



4. Sagrika Oberoi — 2,700 followers



5. Dorcas Jemutai — 700 followers



Some Other Students’ Words

Some more…

Do you see?

It’s proven that what I teach you — will work for you as well. You just have to do the work I tell you to do. That’s it.

Doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you do — the strategies I’ll show you will also work for you. You have my word!

So, What’s The Offer?

Introducing The eBook…

Medium Masterclass

Do everything differently to grow and make money on medium. The ONLY ebook that contains proven tactics and strategies to help you grow fast & make money on Medium doing everything differently.

Just like I and other students did.

Ebook Details:

  • 135 Pages.
  • 20 Chapters
  • 25,000+ Words.
  • 5–13 Hours Reading Time

Now you might be thinking. Okay, this sounds good but what am I actually gonna get inside the ebook? Glad you ask.

Here’s What You Get Inside The Ebook (20 Chapters):

Introduction: I tell you the three most important things before you dive into the chapters.

  1. Medium 101: This is the first chapter walking you through the basics of Medium. In this chapter, you’ll learn so many important points like the story's life span. Medium terminologies. And some of the most important points to keep in mind.
  2. Medium Writers’ Mindset: Building a foundation is so, so important to succeed on Medium. This is why in this chapter, you learn about how successful writers behave in the way they behave, i.e. their strong mindset behind their Medium success.
  3. Profile Engineering: In this chapter, you learn to design your Medium profile to get maximum exposure on Medium. You also learn the psychology behind why people don’t follow you and what to do to make them follow you.
  4. Category Innovation: If you write about multiple topics, you’ll have a hard time growing and monetizing your audience. So in this chapter, you learn how to find your favorite “Core niche” by applying my proven approach: the 90-Day Straight Trilogy.
  5. Medium’s Algorithm: You can’t drive a car without knowing how actually the car works, make sense? So, let me ask you: Do you know how the Medium algorithm works? Probably you don’t. The foundation should be strong enough to grow on Medium. This is exactly what I cover in this chapter so you can trick the Medium Algorithm to your favor.
  6. Story mechanism: In this chapter, you learn how one story flops and another goes viral on Medium. Once you understand the Medium Algorithm, it gets a lot easier for you to understand why one story flops and another goes viral. So you can only write stories that go viral.
  7. Medium Growth Hijacking: In this chapter, I discuss how the Medium Algorithm favors the “Niche accounts.” and why writing only about ONE niche is the way to succeed on Medium. You also learn how “Nicheless accounts” struggle to get views and engagement on Medium.
  8. Content Assembly Line: This is probably the most important chapter of the ebook. In this chapter, I teach you A-Z about Medium Story Writing. You’ll learn the psychology and anatomy of a compelling Medium story. It has 10 sub-chapters: The North Star. The Trailer. The Hook. The Slippery Slope. Curiosity Gap. Links. CTAs. SEO. Skeleton. Publishing.
  9. Persuasive Writing: In this chapter, you learn to improve your writing so your Medium stories become more compelling. I’ll show you the 10 writing strategies that you can use to make your writing more compelling and persuasive.
  10. Angle Framework: Let’s be honest, you don’t need too many ideas to write stories consistently — what you really need is Angles. These Angles help you write and publish more stories without having too many ideas. I show you how you do it in this exact chapter.
  11. Story Creation process: How do you write a story from start to end? You may not know the right method of doing it. If yes, this chapter will help you write your Medium stories in a way that gets views — while you having so much fun writing the story.
  12. ChatGPT Crash Course: In this chapter, I teach you how to use ChatGPT to write better And faster Medium stories. It has 3 sub-chapters: ChatGPT to brainstorm Headline Ideas. Outline Medium Stories. And Edit Medium Stories. If you know how to use ChatGPT effectively, it not only saves you a ton of time but also you’ll increase the quality of stories — while publishing once or twice a day. Yup. One or twice a day!
  13. Publication Game: In this chapter, I walk you through some of the brutal and harsh truths about Medium publications — why they don’t matter. And what to do instead.
  14. Writers’ Challengers: There are so many common problems writers face. For instance: Getting Started. Imposter Syndrome. Procrastination. Distraction. Criticism. Feeling Stuck. Daily Writing Habit. Time Management. I discuss all of them in this exact chapter.
  15. Medium Painkillers: You may not recognize it, but maybe you’re making some stupid mistake that most people make on Medium. The horrible one. So in this chapter, I show you some of the mistakes that you should never make on Medium.
  16. Essential Writing Tools: You want to use Tools as a Medium writer. They’re the robot that works for you 24/7/365. So in this chapter, I give you the 10 most important tools that you should not ignore as a writer.
  17. 30 Viral Medium Stories: Getting the right information is important, but what’s more important: implementing it practically. So in this chapter, I give you the 30 ready-to-analyze stories that you should learn from.
  18. 70 Plug and Play — Proven Headlines: I know you’re going to face problems creating your headlines, and this is why I came up with 70 ready-to-use headlines that you can just put on your headline section and write stories about!
  19. Distribution Models: In this chapter, I teach you the right way of networking with other fellow writers and building relationships with your audience on Medium.
  20. Monetization Methods: In this chapter, I teach you the 8 best and easiest ways to monetize your work on Medium. So you can make money on Medium without joining the Medium Partner Program. If you already have joined the Partner Program, that’s the cherry on top!

What’s Next: winding up and what should be the next logical step you should take after reading the ebook.

I know that’s a lot. But you know what? It’s all worth it, my friend.

It took me more than a year to understand these same concepts and strategies, and hours to create the ebook for you. I promise you’re gonna love it.

This one thing always makes me wonder: It’s bonkers as well as amazing that we can get access to someone’s years' worth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom in almost no time for just a small fair price. Isn’t it beautiful?

Okay, let’s come to the point.

So, Who Is This Medium Masterclass For?

Since you’re reading this, it’s only for you.

Next, How Much Does The Ebook Cost?

Let’s be honest, I’m not going to get rich or become a millionaire by providing this ebook to you. I do this because I enjoy teaching others what I know, and it makes me feel like I’m doing a great job of helping people.

And this way, I also earn some money that helps me cover my day-to-day bills. That’s it.

Now let’s talk about pricing.

So can you guess the ebook’s price?







Nope. We are not even close.


Yes, you’re getting close.


One more?

“Har, just tell me the price, I can’t wait…” you ask.

Okay, let me tell you the price…

$12.99 only.

I don’t know how I chose this price. But to be honest, I don’t want to rob you by asking $199 for the ebook. If I can help you with just this small investment, it’d be way more meaningful to me :)

I know many people on Medium are selling their courses and services for $199 or $399 and do a terrible job teaching and delivering results. What’s worse, they don’t even offer refunds.

Absurd, right? So here’s more from me…

Your Money Is Secure!

I’m not gonna steal your money. I’m not gonna scam you. So don’t worry you’re not taking any risk. If you don’t get the promising results from the ebook — You get a full refund.

Full Money Back Guarantee!

I wish someone had made this offer to me when I started writing on Medium in 2022. Poor Har ;)

If you think it’s a good deal, here you go:

Get The Medium Masterclass Ebook Here



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