How To Grab Reader's Attention With This Hidden Strategy

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Do you know?

Your one mistake can decrease your story read ratio, which influences your engagement. And the fun fact is that your readers are only one step away from reading your entire story. What’s that?

The Hook.

In this attention economy getting attention is tough because of too competitive content. But if you have the right strategy and system then it’s not much hard. But most beginner writers face this problem, they write posts, but unorganized, unstructured, and without formating, thus drives them poor read ratio.

My top-performing post got an average of 50–60% of read ratio, which is far better than other writers.

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Why did I get such an amazing read ratio?

All because of my formatting, structuring, and styling. It doesn't matter how well you have written the post, if your formatting and structuring are not good, no one gonna read your post. I've seen so many good writers with poor read ratios of 25 to 40%. So what’s the hack? How you can get the better read ratio than usual?

As you know every paragraph contains a group of sentences, sentences contain a group of words, and words contain a group of letters.

And the basic structure of any post looks like this —

  • Introduction — Opener
  • Main points — Express
  • Conclusion — Closing

In this post, I’ll show you how you can grab the reader’s attention from start to end by applying the simple magic formula of writing.

So without further ado let’s start—

Format #1 — 1/3/1

This format is so powerful.

I often use this format for my medium blog posts. Because I know this format work really well than the rest of the other formats. In this format, you have to write your opener in one sentence, You have to write your main description in 3 sentences, And you have to close your conclusion in one sentence.

Let’s do it practically —

Reading books changed my life.

One of the best decisions I've ever made is reading books. And I strongly believe that books are the single most important and essential part of learning anything with no big expenses. If you really stuck in your life and want to overcome of your problems I would definitely recommend you to read books.

That’s why most successful people read books.

In the above paragraph, I've used the 1/3/1 framework.

Here, my first sentence was an opener. The middle paragraph was about all the details and descriptions. And the third paragraph was closed with one sentence.

Hope you got my point.

Format #2 — 1/5/1

The second format is 1/5/1, although I do not use this format very frequently, but it also works okay.

In this format, your first paragraph will be opener with one sentence, the second paragraph will be your main content with 5 sentences. And the last paragraph will be closing with one sentence.

Let’s do it practically —

I love to play online writing game.

Writing online is the best way to spread your voice into the world. You don't need an agency, funding, or any expensive agent. All you have to do is just start writing on any social media platform such a medium, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Or if you want to start your personal blog, you can do that, but getting traction on your personal blog can take some time to see significant results. On the other hand, on social blogs, you can get instant feedback on your work.

So, the best way to write online is to write on the social blog.

Format #3 — 1/3/2/1

Here we go….I also love this format, because it works the same as the 1/3/1 format with no deal.

In this format, you will have to expand your middle paragraph with just two more sentences, although, it’s a little bit tricky because in this format you will have 4 paragraphs. Where your first paragraph will be opener with one sentence. Your main section will be in two paragraphs with three-sentence and two-sentence and the closing will be in one sentence.

Let’s do it practically —

Making Money Online is not hard as you think.

These days most online gurus tell you to make money with some scammy type of way to generate quick money. But there are millions of legitimate ways to make money online. You don't have to run paid ads on Google and Facebook and get shut down your accounts for the thousand times. Nope!

The number #1 legitimate way to make money online is by creating your own blog, or by making youtube videos. But if you’re not comfortable with videos, the blog is the way to go.

There are millions of people out there who make thousands even millions of dollars per month from their personal blogs.

Bottom Line

Don’t make it complicated for the reader.

No doubt, there are thousands of writing formats available. But you don't have to master every formatting and structuring, instead, just stick with the format that works really well.

As I said 1/3/1 format works really well in every situation. (not for the book)

And one more thing about formatting is that it's your crucial point. If your post will be not well-structured no one goona read it from start to end. So make sure to start formatting your writing.

Note: This post is perfect example of 1/3/1 formatting.

Did you know about post formatting Before? Let me know in the comment section. (I’m reading)

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Keep writing.



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