How To Get And Keep People’s Attention Using This Simple Trick

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Har Narayan
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Understand, writing online is a game.

The better you play, the easily you win.

Although it can be played in many ways.

But if you play it in the most effective way, you never lose. No chance.

So lemme ask you: What writing principle applies everywhere?

Whether you write an email, a sales page, an article, threads, or tweets. You have that one thing everywhere in common. What’s that?

Now, you may go…

  • Simple words
  • Irresistible headlines
  • Without clutters and fluff

Yeah and I agree, all that matters but there is one more thing that is most important.

99% of digital writers ignore that one thing.

Want to know the answer?

Listen closely…


Did you know it? All right.

Whitespace is the best way to hook and keep the reader’s attention.

More whitespace, more eyeballs.

When you sit down to write and you face writer’s block, lack of ideas, or lack of motivation. You quickly open your phone and start scrolling social media assuming that you’ll come back tomorrow to finish the work. But it never happens. Never. The worst part: When you do it for one day you try to do it every day, and it becomes your habit. True? So, here’s the solution: Sit down to write even if you face writer’s block, lack of ideas, or lack of motivation. Just sit there. And slowly but surely you’ll get back on track. Now you may have a lot of questions like it doesn’t work that way. We should not force ourselves etc, etc. But trust me — try doing it you’ll be fine.

If you have read the above paragraph to the end — Thank you. But if you didn’t, what was the reason? Simple — it feels daunting to read such a long paragraph, ain’t it?

Because it doesn’t make sense to read it. It just feels like I’m wasting your time writing a long paragraph. Thus when you see long paragraphs you try to skip that part — Human Psychology 101.

On the other hand, I could have said it with multiple paragraphs but I wanted to show you how it feels when you don’t care about whitespace.

So what you can learn from this?

Keep your paragraph short. Give enough whitespace.

Make a distance between one paragraph to another paragraph.

Never start your writing with long sentences or long paragraphs because if you do so, it shrinks the whitespace area and your content feels like garbage.

I hope you get the point.

Who’s the reader’s best friend?




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