How This Guy Increased Engagement In His Medium Stories By Doing One Simple Thing

He’s amazing!

Har Narayan
3 min readNov 4, 2023

Can I guess your mind for a second?

You’re frustrated with the level of engagement your Medium stories are receiving. Right? No worries. I’ll fix the problem in this story.

First, let me introduce you to the guy Anul Agarwal. This is the guy who’s literally soaking all the knowledge from my free Medium stories.

Many people tell how my stories help them write better and grow on Medium. But only a few people precisely show the exact results they’ve got just from reading my Medium stories.

Anul is one of them.

Let’s see what he has to say:

He continues…

You see!

And you do know the best part? He is a beginner writer just like you. He doesn’t have thousands of followers. In fact, he doesn’t even have 100 followers. But he made it. Impressive!

Now you might be wondering and thinking: how the hell did he get the results? Let me tell you how…

He just did one thing: He applied what he learned. That’s it.

My friend, hear me out: you’re making it complicated. You think that you need some hacks, magic, or tricks to grow on Medium. While there are no hacks, tricks, or magic.

You just have to apply what you learn. And how do you do it? By learning from Pros. Reading their stories, extracting their knowledge, and practically applying it for weeks or months.

Unfortunately, do you know what your problem is?

You read the stories about “How to grow on Medium.” Sometimes you leave comments, “Oh, thank you so much for sharing this.” “It’s so valuable, I’ll definitely apply it blah blah blah.”

But guess what? You never actually try. Because if you had tried, you wouldn’t be reading this story. It’s completely fine if you’re reading this type of story for the first time.

But if you read this type of story so often but you never try the stuff you learn then — you need to change something. Or maybe you should stop reading them. Because what’s the point of reading if you’re not getting anything?

Make sense?

So here’s the actionable step for you:

You already know what’s the exact problem you have. You’re not growing. You’re not getting engagement. You’re not making money. Whatever.

Search on Medium about the keyword or find the creator who teaches about the problem you have. Read every story related to the problem you have. Read the comments section to cross-check if the story is legit or not. And take notes on what you learn.

Now practically apply what you learn. I mean, you have to do the stuff you have been told to do. That’s how you get the results.

This is how you grow and make progress, my friend.

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