Here’s Why Building An Audience Is The Goldmine In 2022 And Beyond

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I’ve tried so many things from creating websites to running Native ads.

Facebook, Google, and Native ads are not as they used to be. I’ve tried all of them, but instead of making money, I lost money. This is one part. The other part is when your account gets banned. Oh, man! That is so painful.

But, I do believe that the greatest success comes from the freedom of failure.

So, after some time of trial and error, I found this online writing “game”. Started writing a website called Quora, then moved to Medium, and worked hard. Results? Accumulated thousands of views on my content and decent followers.

Building an audience is my cup of tea. I love providing value. And values? Values = money.

You got it.

So here are the five big reasons why building an audience is the goldmine in 2022 and beyond:

#1. Anyone Can Do This

You don’t need a $120k college degree.

Want to get a job? you need a degree. Want to build an audience? you don’t need a degree. Nobody asks you about your credibility, certificate, or degree. When I started writing online in march 2022 I had zero knowledge about online writing, all I had was an internet connection and a hungry soul.

Build an audience and take leverage of your unfair advantages.

#2. You Don't Need Capital

99% of the cases, you need capital.

Want to start running ads?

Want to start a dropshipping business?

Want to create an app like Twitter?

Want to start investing in stocks?

All of these require money, and if you don’t have the money you can dive into these biz.

On the other hand, Want to build an Audience?

Medium is free.

Twitter is free.

LinkedIn is free.

Instagram is free.

Substack is free.

Zero investment.

#3. Traffic You Never Own To Traffic You Own

Social followers → email list.

It doesn’t matter whether your audience is on Medium, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can’t own that audience, the platform owns. But once you build an audience you can own them by inviting them to your email list.

Let alone the cases: if the platform gets shut down or your account gets banned.

#4. Semi-Passive Income

I would call this “Semi-passive income.”

Since I do believe that there is no passive income except long-term investing. Because once you stop doing the things simultaneously the flow of money will be stopped. But the good part of building an audience is even if you stop working for some weeks or months it won’t affect your income drastically. ( If have the systems)

Keep in mind there is no such thing as “passive income”.

#5. Offer Anything

You can sell them anything you want.

There will be no barrier for you. You can sell your ebooks, templates, checklist, courses, products, mugs, T-shirts, etc to your audience. Because you own the audience.

Sell yourself without selling your soul.

Final Touch

Let me double down on this.

There are no better options other than building an audience. The best time to build an audience was in 2010 and the second best time is NOW. But keep in mind if you work like a mediocre writer (creator) you’ll always struggle. Instead, build your personal monopoly.

Start today.

Thanks for reading:)



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