Exhausted With Daily Writing? Here are 9 Ways To Heal Yourself

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Exhausted with daily writing? If so, read this.

Some writers fatigue for hours, whereas some writers fatigue for days, weeks, or for months.

Different problems different solutions.

Don’t worry it’s common, every single one who creates some sort of content on the internet gets exhausted at some point. It’s nothing new. But if you’re one of them and want to heal yourself, then read this post till the end.

In this post, I'm going to share with you 9 ways to drain out your exhaustion that help you to get back to the work. Apply these methods according to the length of your problem.

Big problem big solution, Small problem Small solution.

So without further a do let’s dive in —

#1 Consume Your Favorite Videos, podcasts, Movies, Blog Post, And Books

One of the best ways to heal yourself is to consume your favorite content on the internet.

This is what I do more often. Whenever I feel stuck for hours or for days, I consume the content of my favorite creators. Believe it or not, but is a powerful way to get back on track.

Read Books of your favorite author. It’s a great way to relax along with accumulating new ideas.

It will help you.

For sure.

#2 Learn A New Skill From Scratch

Do you love playing guitar?

Do you love playing chess?

if so, do it.

This helps your body and brain to learn a new thing and enjoy the process. If you had wanted to learn anything in your past, but for some reason, you didn't. It is time to learn that skill.

Do it.

#3 Go For A Long Walk

When you walk.

You smell the fresh air, you feel more energetic, and when you breathe fast it helps your metabolism. If you’re exhausted by daily writing, going for a long walk can improve your mood. But people are lazy, they don’t want to give pain in their feet, all they want is luxury, But they don’t know the potential of walking or the power of running.

Get a chance to know it. Do it man!

#4 Spend Time With Family And Friends

I might know, you spend time with your friends and with your family on a daily basis, but this is not the point.

If you spend time with friends and family for 2 hours per day, increase it by 2x or 4x. Spend more time, spend as much as time you can. It will motivate you, and feel you the meaning of true life.

Let’s know and understand each other deeply.

#5 Do Nothing For Days, Weeks (Not Months)

This seems weird but it’s not!

Try it at least once in your life, if you feel like nothing, If you’re so exhausted, leaving in an apartment alone. All you have to do is…

  • Wake up>Take shower>Make your breakfast>Eat> Sleep
  • Prepare your lunch>Eat>Sleep
  • Cook your dinner>Eat>Sleep

I know it’s not going to be straight, you will have to do some other work too, but this is a short explanation of what you have to do. Repeat this for days, weeks, but not for months.

This would be the trial experiment to get back on track.

#6 Avoid Using Your Phone For A While

This is powerful.

These days social media is full of negativity(only if you are using it in the wrong way) If you’re devastated by social media and feel like this is not good for you. What stoping you to put your social media apps in the dust bin?

Man! Do it right now.

And do some interesting things in your life that give you enjoyment.

#7 Do Meditation, Exercise, And Yoga

Ever tried these?

As you know how powerful meditation is. Only if you do this properly for a long period of time. Because it’s not going to work in the short term. Meditation takes time to bring the influence. Other than that, doing exercise and yoga is great for your health too.

Don’t forget, Health is wealth.

Try These.

#8 Go On A Vacation

Too Much exhausted?

Book a ticket for the Mexico trip, land on “Cancun Beach” Heal yourself there, enjoy your trip, have some fun, and come back once you recall the medium Gmail Id (Medium doesn't ask for a password😂)

This is the best way to heal yourself if you’re too drained and want a long break.

Have some chill bro!

#9 Scroll The Twitter Feed For Hours

This is my newest addiction.

I’m too obsessed with Twitter’s feed these days, as they are full of knowledge and new ideas. Although I'm not exhausted by daily writing, but I do it because I love it. I've followed some writing and business “guys” on Twitter.

If you also want to heal yourself or want to get some ideas from other people, then Twitter is the way to go.

Trust me you love it.

Bottom Line

Although there are thousands of ways to heal yourself from exhaustion, but these are my easy ones.

On top of that. We are humans so it’s common to get exhausted, you don’t need to be afraid about it.

Give some time to heal yourself.

Offer: What if I told you, I’ll personally help you to grow your medium followers and will assist you to improve your writing?

If Yes, Let’s start Here

Keep writing.



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