Do You Face Writer’s Block? 7 Sure-Fire Ways To Kill Writer’s Block

Apply These Methods to Overcome Writer’s Block

Har Narayan
5 min readApr 29, 2023
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Writer’s block.

Writer’s block is one of the most common struggles of digital writers.

What is writer’s block? Writer’s block is a block that hinders a writer from write. When you sit down to write — you don’t come up with any idea or you are stuck in the middle, you lose your flow, and you can’t write a single word after that.

This is writer’s block.

What’s the solution then? This is exactly what I’m gonna show you today in this post.

Let’s talk about the 7 sure-fire ways to kill writer’s block.

1. Writer’s Block Is An Illusion

Listen, listen, listen — please don’t unfollow me.

Hear me up.

This is the mindset you have to build in order to kill writer’s block.

Let’s face it: writer’s block is truly an illusion.

Because, either you write or you don’t.

It’s a procrastination, you don’t write because you don’t WANT to write.

Your fingers don’t move because you don’t force them.

But if you do the right thing you definitely overcome this illusion.

Writer’s block is nothing but an illusion — only an illusion.

Try building this mindset, you’ll definitely change the way you think writing is.

2. Never Start Writing With A Blank Page

One of the best things you can do to cure writer’s block is never to start writing with a blank page.

When you stare at a blank page it feels like you’ve to climb the mountain.

Most digital writers write linearly thus they face writer’s block.

So if you write linearly you definitely face it.

So what’s the solution?

Outline your content before writing it.

  • Write the headline.
  • Write the introduction (what is it about, who is it for, what’s the benefit)
  • Write the main points
  • Write the sub-main points
  • Write the conclusion (what are the things that you wanna say at the end)

Outline each aspect of content before writing.

Trust me — I’m writing this post, so before writing it linearly, I first wrote the headline, then the main points.

Why does it work?

Because you already will have done the 99% of the work before the moment you start writing your actual content.

Thus it feels so easier to write and describe them.

3. Read, Watch, And Listen

I’m not talking about watching videos or reading blog posts to get dopamine.

I’m talking about reading watching and listening to the content around the topic you want to write.

Ask these questions:

  1. What are the best videos regarding this topic
  2. What is the best blog post regarding this topic
  3. What are the best podcasts regarding this topic

And observe them.

Before writing this post I searched on Google “ways to kill writer’s block”

Not to copy them but to get some ideas on what the internet offers me about my topic.

Chances are if you read or watch before writing your content you’ll come up with some great insights.

And you’ll write from the abundance.

You’ll have resources, which means no writer’s block. Simple.

4. Make Time To Write

Digital writers who don’t make time to write, are lurkers.

Good /great writers always have their own time for writing.

They write at the same time every single day.

It’s a habit that they build.

If you write at the same time every single day it becomes a strong habit and part of your daily life.

So if you write daily and miss someday (for some reason) it feels like you’ve missed something important.

So set a time to write. and write only in that time frame.

No matter which time frame you choose — morning, afternoon, or night.

The point is — select a time and write in that time frame.

And this writing habit cures your writer’s block.

A good habit of daily writing = No writer’s block.

5. Write Numbers And Colors Name

Ok, this is the trick I learned from the book “storyworthy by Matthew dicks”

He shares a strategy to write NON—STOP.

So what’s the strategy?

When you start writing or when you feel stuck in the middle of writing — start writing numbers and color names.

The goal is you should not stop moving your finger or pen when you write.

Let’s do it practically:

Today is Tuesday and I’m writing this post. This newsletter is about the most common problem digital writers face — writer’s block.

I want to give them the 7 solutions to cure it. 3 5 4 9 4 7 2. These are the techniques that I personally use and I recommend each and every digital writer who ask me the question “ how to deal with writer’s block” red yellow green blue. This strategy works well if you use it wisely.

As you can see in the above paragraph I’ve written numbers and color names in the middle of the writing. Those were the moment when I got stuck.

Use this, it’s so effective.

6. Play Music Or Soundtrack

Playing music or soundtrack can be effective.

However, I don’t do it every time but I do it sometimes when I feel like doing it.

But if you get distracted or if you feel noisy in the background — consider doing it.

Here’s what I do when I do this: I put my earbuds on my ears and I play nice soundtracks then I start to type.

It is definitely worth trying if you face writer’s block.

7. Pomodoro Technique

Your brain isn’t designed to work ruthlessly.

It needs rest.

That’s where the Pomodoro technique comes in.

What is the Pomodoro technique?

It’s a technique in which you write for certain minutes and you take a break for certain minutes.

For example, you write for 25 minutes straight. At every 25 minute interval, take a 5 minute break.

Every 5 minute break will help your brain relax and refresh for your next 25 minute writing session. In the long run, these 5 minute breaks will help your subconscious mind think critically for upcoming writing ideas.

If you feel stuck or you don’t get ideas, it’s NOT because of you — it’s because of your TIRED brain.

So set a timer and start writing, and once you finish writing, don’t forget to take a break.

Rinse and Repeat.

I hope it helps. Thanks for reading.



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