Dear Writer: Your Goal Is To Be Known For The Niche You Own

This is the secret to success

Har Narayan
5 min readNov 18, 2023

A friend of mine writes about “ Anything & Everything” on Medium.

I distinctly remember we both started writing on Medium in March 2022. So as beginner writers, we both had no idea what impact writing in “One” niche and writing in “Multiple” niches make on Medium.

Fun fact, I also thought that writing about multiple topics possibly could help me grow fast and get more views. But I was almost uncertain, so what did I do? I decided to write in one niche.

So I started writing in one niche, and my friend was already writing about many topics. Can you imagine the results? Let me tell you.

Results after 12 months:

  • 2x Followers: My follower count is almost twice as much as my friend’s.
  • Positioning: Because I wrote only about one niche I positioned myself as an authority in my niche, while my friend struggled to do the same.
  • Better Engagement: Writing only about one niche helped me get “Niche-based” followers so my stories’ engagement shot up, while my friend struggled to get enough engagement.
  • Monetization: I successfully monetized my Medium audience and made $1,700+ without Medium Partner Program, while my friend didn’t make a single penny!

Lesson: This is what happens when you write in “One niche.”

After the results, I told my friend thatwriting about one niche is the best way to grow and make money on Medium.” Yes, I said that to my friend because I wanted him to get the same results as I did.

But guess what?

He didn’t listen to me, and I couldn’t care less. My job was to tell him the reality and show the path that has worked for me. But it was his job to take action on the things I told him. If he didn’t — it wasn’t my fault.

And now he’s still struggling on Medium.

Hold on!

Chances are you might be making the same mistake as my friend did— writing about “Anything and everything.”

And might be this is the reason:

  • You’re not growing, as you should.
  • You’re not getting enough engagement, as you should.
  • You’re not making any (enough) money as you should.

Do you know what’s the problem with writing about “Multiple” niches? You instantly become the next “Random account” for people.

  • Poeple don’t see you as a niche expert
  • People don’t want to buy your stuff
  • People don’t want to engage with your stories.

So what’s the solution? You already know it, my friend.

Writing in “One niche.” Write about one topic and let the magic happen.

However, when you write about one niche you may struggle in the beginning. You may not get enough views. You may not get enough followers.


If you do it consistently for 90 days or so — people will start noticing you. Then you’ll build momentum and start getting traction.

And because you write in one niche:

  • You get niche followers
  • You get better engagement
  • You grow faster than ever before
  • You can monetize your audience

This is ultimately all you want, right?

Now you might be thinking “So how do I find my ONE niche” or “How do I know which niche should I write about?”

Let me solve your problem.

To find your “One core niche” you can use my “Category Innovation” framework. In this method, I talk about what I call the “90-day straight trilogy.”

Here’s what you do in this method.

You choose your favorite 3 niches to write about and apply for the next 90 days. Remember just 3 niches. No more, no less.

Just for an example:

Medium Masterclass slide

Now this 90-day has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 — 30 days: You write about 3 niches in this phase. You publish one story a day in those 3 niches for 30 days straight. So by the end of 30 days, you’ll have 10–10 stories in each niche.
  • Phase 2–30 days: You remove one topic after writing in phase 1. How do you do it? You look for the topic that has the least performance in phase 1. So in this phase, you publish one story a day in those 2 niches for 30 days. By the end of 30 days, you’ll have 15–15 stories in each niche.
  • Phase 3–30 days: Again you remove one more niche just like you did in phase 2. And you only write about one niche in this phase. You publish one story a day in that one niche for 30 days. And by the end of 30 days, you’ll have 30 stories in one niche.

For your better understanding:

Medium Masterclass slide

This is how you find your niche.

Now all you have to do is to write quality Medium stories consistently. This helps you get more views, get more followers, and make more money.

If I tell you the truth: This is exactly what I do!

I know, a lot of things are right now unclear and daunting to you. And you may want to learn and understand more about everything deeply.

If the answer is Yes, you can check out the below story where I talk about how to apply all these frameworks and strategies. I call it the Medium Masterclass.

My friend, your goal is to be known for the niche you own!



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