7 Handsome Money Mindsets You Should Develop As A Digital Writer

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Har Narayan
3 min readSep 7, 2022


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The absence of the right money mindset keeps you poor and a loser.

Truth be told: We all work for money, and there is nothing wrong with it. Because If you have the skill, you deserve the money, and you should deserve the MONEY. But in order to make or deal with money, you need some sort of mindset, since without the right mindset you can’t achieve the goals you want to achieve.

So, here are the seven handsome money mindsets from my end:

Mindset #1: Money Is The Temporary Motivation

Money is the short-term dopamine.

I know money can give you freedom, fulfillment in life, and flexibility, but it will never give you the work-life balance you want. If your primary motivation for doing things is money, then you’ll soon quit the work you’re doing. So, don’t let money be your motivation.

Instead, love the work and enjoy the process.

Mindset #2: Value = Money

Money is the by-product of the value you provide.

If you’re looking for shortcuts, hacks, and tricks without providing value, then the money will never come to you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, engineer, or digital writer, if your work lack value, you’ll lack the money. So, make sure your work is full of value.

Proving value is the thing you need to do in order to make money.

Mindset #3: Making First $1 Is Harder Than Making $100

Making your first $1 is much harder than $100.

Let me explain this: If you haven’t made a single $ from your writing, then it’s much harder for you to make it. Because the money shows that you’ve done something previously. It’s the proof for you. Suppose I say: I’ve generated over $604+ without Medium partner program writing on Medium. For sure, it will create my credibility in the person’s mind.

Make sense?

On the other hand, If you haven’t made a single dollar, which means you’ve no credibility yet, thus it makes hard for people to trust you. B... b... b... but once you made your $1, it gets a lot easier to make $100 or more, because you have earned the credibility, and you can show to other people that you’ve worked for others.

Quick hack: work for free, ask for testimonials, then charge money next time. (applies in everything)

Mindset #4: Don’t Chase Money, Chase Skill

Want to make instant money? Go to the casino.

At the casino, either you’ll win or lose, which means you’ll get the results faster with no hard work. Jokes apart, I never suggest doing such things, since it can also bankrupt you. Instead, learn a skill, and master the craft. Because people pay for skill, knowledge, and experience. Once you have any sort of skill or knowledge, you’ll never gonna worry about money.

First, learn the skill.

Mindset #5: Give 99% For Free, Monetize 1%

I developed this mindset from my favorite writer Nicolas Cole.

Don’t try to be greedy. First, build trust, show your value, and prove that your words are worth reading. Give you 99% work for free, and monetize your 1% work. Human psychology is here: If you can’t show me your free work, I’ll never pay you for your paid work.

In my case, my free work is these Medium posts and some of my ebooks. And my paid work is my premium ebooks, my consulting, and paid promotion.

1% is more than enough to sell.

Mindset #6: Use Money To Make Make More Money

Don’t become a “spendthrift” after making your first $123 online.

Once you have some decent money, invest the money to sharpen your craft by investing in paid tools, courses, consulting, and masterminds. You’ll get 1000x return. Don’t be cheap.

Self-investment is the biggest investment.

Mindset #7: Value The Money

If you do not value the money, It won’t you.

Making money is the one part, and respecting money is the second part. If you use it to show off by buying expensive clothes, Gucci shoes, and heavy tech gadgets, It is just meaningless. Instead, use the money to live a happier and healthier life.

If you use it wisely, it can make you wise.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for reading:)



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