5 Little-Known Ways That’ll Skyrocket Your Medium Post’s Engagement

Do this and get more engagement on your posts

Har Narayan
2 min readDec 1, 2022
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Getting good engagement is an art.

If you have a decent following but you don’t get decent engagement on your content chances are you’re doing something wrong.

Here’s the paradox of getting engagement:

  • A low engagement ratio ruins your trust and authority.
  • A high engagement ratio increases your trust and authority.

Here are the 6 ways that’ll skyrocket your content’s engagement:

1. Reply to your every single comment

Do you reply to every comment you get?

Here’s the thing: Suppose I’m one of your followers. I commented for three days straight on your posts. But for whatever reason, you never replied back to me.

Now lemme ask you: What could possibly happen on the 4th day?

I won’t comment.

This is human psychology 101.

The person takes time to comment on your post and when you don’t reply back to them, they feel strange. Conversely, people feel good and excited when they get a response from you. And they comment again and again.

But if you don’t respect their time, they won’t yours.

2. Comment on your fellow creator’s content

Do you interact with your fellow creators?

If you don’t, why do they with you?

You can’t expect their comments on your posts if you aren’t commenting on theirs.

You’ve to go first.

Go to their profile and comment on their content. Repeat it. And eventually, they’ll start commenting on yours too. Be supportive of your fellow creators.

Pro tip: choose 5 to 10 people in your niche who are in the same stage as you.

Build relationships with them.

3. Observe the trend and know your sacred hours

Keep your eye on your post timing.

Try publishing at different timeframes.

Test out the water. Gather data for 30 days or so.

Once you have those data find the times when you get the most engagement.

Observe which posts performed well than others. What was the time?

Now, let’s come to the next point.

4. Publish your content same time every day

Once you get your sacred hours. Publish your content in that time period.

What it does?

It reminds your followers/readers that you post at that time.

So most likely who love your content would like to interact with your content.

Publishing at random times, on the other hand, makes things messy. That’s why your reader has no idea where your post is going. And they don’t even care.

Choose your peak time.

5. Make sure your post is valuable

Obviously, if your posts aren’t helpful then all the above tips are meaningless.

Your post should be valuable, helpful, and interesting. I know accounts with 5,000 followers hardly get 10 claps on their content.

There is a reason.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading :)



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