3 Weird Writing Lessons I learned In Dog Training School (I’m Not Joking)

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Har Narayan
3 min readNov 13, 2022



What!! writing lessons in dog training school?

I know, you’re shocked.

But If you think about dogs and writers they’re pretty similar in terms of learning a skill, there is no difference between them.

I know it’s hard to believe but trust me it’s true. You as a writer, and a dog with “training school” have a similar goal — To master the craft. But, how?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Never Permit Ignorance

The most important lesson.

How frustrating it can be when you tell your dog to “Sit” and your dog ignores you. And you wonder why this dog is useless. But at the same time, you’re unwillingly telling to your dog — it’s ok to disobey me.

You happy, so your dog.

But when you think about it deeply it’s completely your fault. Because you’re allowing the dog to disobey you. And it can be painful in the long run.

Here is the thing: If your dog is not listening to you chances are there is something wrong. So, if your dog ignores you it shouldn’t be permitted. You have to fix the problem. If not, then it’ll become a habit and your dog will always disobey you. Always.

The same thing goes with writing.

When you sit down to write and you face writer’s block, lack of ideas, or lack of motivation. You quickly open your phone and start scrolling social media assuming that you’ll come back tomorrow to finish the work. But it never happens. Never.

The worst part: When you do it for one day you try to do it every day, and it becomes your habit. True?

So, here’s the solution: Sit down to write even if you face writer’s block, lack of ideas, or lack of motivation. Just sit there. And slowly but surely you’ll get back on track.

2. Follow A Strict Schedule

Without a schedule dogs collapse.

If you give them food all day they’ll eat all day. If you take them on walks at different times they’ll have a critical situation. (even accidents)

Solution? Give them food at a specific time or take them on walks at an exact time.

But, what it has to do with writing? Don’t write randomly it’s not gonna work. Instead, follow a strict writing schedule and only write in those time periods.

And do not break the schedule.

3. Allocate A Lot Of Time To Play

The biggest mistake.

Many dog owners keep their dogs locked up all day and wonder why their dogs spread all the garbage all over the house or why they chewed up shoes. They do because they’re bored. And it’s your fault.

The same thing goes with writing. If you only write and write and write, you’ll get bored. Because, as a writer, you not only have to write but also have to read and consume.

Set a time block for reading and consuming other people’s content.

Your reading or consuming material can be anything like books, articles, blog posts, Twitter threads, podcasts, youtube videos, or talking to people. Take inspiration from other people to write unique content.

So these are the 3 lessons, I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading :)

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