21 Memorable Writing Tips That’ll Improve Your Writing Forever

Remember These Tips

Har Narayan
3 min readJul 18, 2022
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Hey writer, are you ready?

Let me say this: Tips help you to become a better writer, tips help you make your craft better, and tips help you to sharpen your skill.

Only when you apply them effectively.

So, here are the 21 tips that’ll improve your writing forever.

Tip #1

Delete the word “That”

90% of the time you don’t need this word.

Tip #2

Omit the word “ I Think”

I never use it, and you shouldn't too.

You’re a writer, not a joker.

Tip #3

Use simple words.

Don’t say: Utilize

Say: Use

Don’t say: Affirmative

Say: Yes

The More Simple. The More Effective.

Tip #4

If you can’t write 800 words, write 400.

If you can’t write 400 words, write 200.

If you can’t write 200 words, write 100.

If you can’t write 100 words, write 10.

If you can’t write 10 words, write 1.

Build Habit.

Tip #5

Write First, edit later.

Don’t distract yourself in the middle of writing.

Go with the flow.

Tip #6

Use the word “You” and “Your” to make your writing personal.

Take the example of this post headline.

Tip #7

Short sentence. Short paragraph.

Give them enough whitespace.

Use the format 1/3/1.

Tip #8

Start your intro with a hook.

Ask questions or start with the strong points.

As a writer, it’s your job to grab their attention.

Tip #9

Use Active voice, not passive.

Don’t say: Credit cards are offered by all banks.

Say: All banks offer credit cards.

Easy to read.

Tip #10

Write like you talk.

Make it more conversational.

Tip #11

Use a website like “Thesaurus” to find more powerful words.

So you can replace the boring ones.

Tip #12

Read aloud.

Reading aloud helps you to detect mistakes and errors.

Tip #13

Write more, read less.

You become a better writer by writing, not by reading.

Tip #14

Don’t give too many “call to action” in one post.

Let them read from start to end.

Tip #15

Master the “Headline Creation” by practicing it.

Better the headlines. Better the views.

Tip #16

Sell yourself.

You’re a human, not a bot.

Tip #17

Write below a 5th-grade level.

Remember, there are 7.9 billion people in the world.

Tip #18

Write about the benefit, not the features.

This website runs so fast because It has a powerful DNS server.


This website runs so fast that it saves you 2 hours per project.

They care about them, not about you.

Tip #19

Write in your style and voice.

Start writing, rest will come.

Tip #20

Consider your first 100 posts as “garbage content”.

The real game starts after 100.

Tip #21

Write One Writing tip in the Comment Section (I’m reading)

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful.

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