2 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online Without Any Skill

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  • If you're a beginner on the internet…
  • If you haven't made money on the internet…
  • If you don't want to know how to do techie stuff…

Way #1: Micro Task Jobs

No, you might be thinking wrong.


Clickworker is the king of microtask sites, with over 5M+ monthly visitors.

clickworker screenshot


Microworker is the site where you find tasks like upvoting the Reddit post, follow on Instagram, once you have done that task money will credit to your wallet within a few minutes.

microworker screenshot


I have personally worked with picoworker and earned some decent money from it.

picoworker screenshot

Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk is operated by an amazon web service, they are the same as other microtask websites, you will get hundreds of smalls task on their website.

amazon mechanical Turk screenshot

Rapid Worker

On Rapid Worker you can easily get micro work jobs like upvote rating posts like the Twitter posts, follow on Instagram on rapid work.

rapid worker screenshot

Way #2: Online Survey


Timebucks is the platform where you not only found the survey but there are also tons of click work, like social media, follow, share, like.

timebucks screenshot


Swagbucks is one of the popular sites for earning money by doing simple surveys, and they also get you some bonuses on a day-to-day basis and weekly, monthly basis.

Swagbucks screenshot


Viewfruits is the site for the Indian audience(mostly) if you belong to India, this site can be the perfect survey site for you.

view fruit screenshot


Inboxdollars mainly focused on the online surveys you earn money by taking surveys and some little cashback to doing simple tasks.

inbox dollar screenshot

Branded Surveys

Branded survey is the site for answering the simple, easy questions to get paid and also they allow you to earn money by providing your opinion on a subject matter.

branded survey Home Screenshot


These were some of the top and most popular micro and survey sites for beginners.



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