11 Excellent Ways To Make Money As A Digital Writer In 2023 And Beyond

Anyone can do it

Har Narayan
3 min readNov 7, 2022


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Writing online is not hard, monetization is.

99% of the digital writer never makes money through their writing.

Maybe you have an audience but struggling to monetize them because you don’t know how to. Or, Maybe you’re writing for a while but struggling to make money through your writing.

If this sounds relatable to you then this post will solve your problem.

Let’s jump in:

1. Ebooks

Ebook selling is one of the easiest ways to monetize your writing. Why easiest?

• Less time required
• No budget required
• No need of tech-heavy software

You can create your ebooks on Canva or Google Slides and sell them on Gumroad for free.

2. Cohort

Cohort is one of the trending monetization models in the writing community.

Cohort is a way where you teach your skills to other people via live meetings using Zoom or Google Meet. So many Writers are making a hell lot of money through cohort.

Fully scalable.

3. Courses

Want to make passive income as a writer?

Course is the way to go. If you want to make money passively you can create courses that’ll yield money for you 24/7/365.

Record your video and host them on the platforms like Gumorad and Kajabi.

Fully automation.

4. Products

There are so many websites out there that help you to sell your products for free. (E.g: Esty, Shopify, Amazon, and so many others)

Well, What do I mean by the products?

• Caps
• Mugs
• T-shirts
• Digital arts

One of the great ways to monetize your audience.

5. Freelancing

Don’t have an audience? No worries…

If you know how to write well you can monetize your writing without having an audience. Write content for other people and charge money for it.

Do you know the below websites?

- Fivver
- Upwork
- LinkedIn

Check them out.

6. 1:1 Consulting

You can teach your knowledge and experience to individuals and charge money for it. Maybe your audience would want to learn from you individually and you’ve no idea yet.

Consulting in other words “Trading time for money”. But the real cash is there.

7. Ghostwriting

In ghostwriting you write for other people anonymously. Thus you won’t get credit for your work. But who cares? Because you can print so much money in less time doing it.


- Book ghostwriting
- Twitter ghostwriting
- LinkedIn ghostwriting

8. Newsletter Sponsorship

You never know when your Medium account can get banned. If that happened what’ll you do in that situation?

That’s where the email list comes. Once you build decent subscribers in your list you can sponsor other people’s stuff and make money.

9. Affiliate marketing

This is another easiest way to make money via writing.

You can promote other people’s products and when someone buys the product from your affiliate link you get a commission.

Note: Only promotes products that you’re actually using or have used before.

10. Paid Subscription

A paid subscription is a way to make money where you charge money on a monthly or yearly basis by providing a specific value.

Paid subscription can be anything like your paid newsletter or your monthly writing templates.

11. Online Community

If you have an audience you can monetize them via your online personal community. This community is like your own social media, there will be no mediator or algorithm.

And people will pay you money on a monthly or yearly basis to stay in the community.

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