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Let’s Grow Together

Har Narayan
2 min readMar 25, 2022
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We all are writers here, it doesn't matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro, the writer is the writer.

No doubt, I love writing, I love to share my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs on a platform like Medium. And I think there is no better place than Medium to write online for FREE.

Yeah, I know there are several other platforms out there, but in my POV they are below the Medium

Medium is KING.

Of course, I'm new to the platforms, who cares? we all are here to help each other.

Am I right?

There is no rocket science that every writer starts from zero. writing is not like you were pro by day one, it's a journey, not — a destination. And if you enjoy the journey then no one can stop you to become the next Stephen King or next Earnest Hemingway.

Got it?

So why I’m writing this post?

I'm writing this post majorly for beginner writers because they are new to the platform, they need our help — and we will do.

So what's the solution? How this post will help hundreds or thousands of newbie writers?

Here are the things —

#1 Clap This Post

Why clap? It helps medium to serve more beginner writers, that's why you have to clap this post, give at least 20 to 30 claps.

#2 Follow Me And I will follow you Back

Yes, it’s your first step, I can’t give you surety if someone follows you or not but if you follow me I will definitely follow you back.

#3 Comment and Introduce Yourself

it's very important. Without comment, you can't expect any followers, why someone will do follow a stranger. you have to introduce yourself and tell about your work in the comments section so that you can make better relationships with other writers.

#4 Reply to Other Comments

Engage with other writers' comments, make healthy relationships with them, it's free and it will help you a lot.

#5 Follow Other Writers

If you want followers then you first have to follow them, so start following them right now.

#6 Engage With their Content

Clap their article, appreciate their work by doing comments on their post, this is how you make better relationships with writers around you.


I don't know how many writers would get help with this post, but what I can do is — My Work

Let's Help Each Other. Let's Grow Together.

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